Mr. James, “CAN YOU? - DO YOU? - WILL YOU?
Here are the most popular questions asked over the phone.

1.) Do you take PASSPORT PICTURES?

YES - Between 8AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday - NO APPOINTMENT REQUIRED PRICE is
$12 for the 2 pictures or $20 for 6 Pictures

2.) Do you take WEDDING PICTURES?
We do take wedding pictures BUT we do not offer full coverage wedding albums. We will come to the church and photograph the ceremony. We will take pictures of the Bridal Party and the Families. We Do Not go to the reception to take the Candid pictures of the guests, dancing, cake cutting etc.

3.) How much does a PORTRAIT COST?
There is no easy answer to this question. It is kind of like asking how much does
a car or a dress cost. There are many options. If the picture is taken in the studio
during regular hours you can plan on spending $125. This will cover the cost of
a studio session and your first print 11x14 or smaller. We do offer many packages
with 4 or more prints an wallets starting at $150. It is suggested that you plan
ahead by coming into the studio for a pre-portrait consultation. The time envested
by you will help plan a better picture and will allow you to understand all the
options that are available to you.

4.) How long does it take?
TAKING THE PICTURE - The average session is 1/2 hour. Large groups or babies
that do not want their picture taken, sometimes take longer.
PROOF FOLIOS - are ready the Wednesday after the picture is taken.
FINAL PRINTS - take about 2 weeks from the time you choose your proof.

5.) Can you rush my picture?
Yes. We understand that time is sometimes importaint. We can offer to show
instant proofs and can offer 1 week, 1 day or same day service in most cases.

6.) Can I purchase the File?
Yes. If you would like to print your own pictures we will sell you the file.

7.) Will you take pictures in the eveing or on holidays?
Yes. We will make a special appointment 24/7 to fit your needs. Special
Appointments are a little more expensive, they are pre-paid and once confirmed
can not be canciled.

8.) Do you retouch my picture? Absoluty, every picture is completely retouched.

9.) Do you sell gift certificates? Yes. You can purchase a certificate on line or by
calling the studio.

10.) Can I have my dog in our picture?
Yes. We encourage you to include your pets as part of your family. You may
include your pet in a family picture or we will photograph them alown.